Unified control device of -650


The control device allows flexible integration of the conveyors depending on the quantity of the drives and their power (up to four controlled electric motors).

Level and type of the implosion protection is -3- (Exdial) according to GOST 12.2.020, category of protection is JP54 in compliance with GOST 14254.

Structure of the graphical symbols:

- unified control device of
- complete;
- explosion-proof;
650 - Maximal joint up capacity (at 1140 V)

Service conditions:

  • ambient temperature from +1 to +35C;
  • upper value of the relative air humidity (98+2)% at the ambient temperature +35;
  • dustiness of the ambient air is not more than 1200mg/m3;

The control device includes the control console , rotational velocity sensors, control of the oil temperature, consumption of the refrigerating fluid.

Rated mains voltage, V 1140/660
Frequency, Hz 50
Number of the controlled electric motors, pc 1 (2,3 or 4)
Rated output current, A
- Output 1
- Output 2

Overall dimensions, mm
- depth
- height
- width

Weight, kg 350