devices are intended for receiving and distributing of the electric energy and also for the control, regulation, automatics, measurements, indication and equipment protection that provides production, transmission and electric energy consumption.

Functionality and application range:

  • device of electrical gears control of sewerage pumping plants ( 16-88 . 656000.001 );
  • device of automatic plants control of fire fighting (water, foam and gas firefighting)( 16-88 . 656000.002);
  • device of mine lifting winders and winches control ( 16-88 . 656000.003);
  • of the single-part production, by customer special project documentation.

devices are manufactured according to GOST 22789-94 and specifications for the specific product.

Safety requirements are corresponding to GOST 12.007.0-75, GOST 22789-94 and to Operational regulations of customer electric plants and .

The structure of reference designation of of serial production (standard ones) as to GOST 16.0.800.876-81, single-part production as for the customer project documentation.

Electrical parameters

    Rated working voltage:

  • Main circuit up to 660 V of a.c., 50 Hz and up to 440 V of d.c.
  • auxiliary circuit up to 380 V of a.c. and 440 V of d.c.

Rated current of power circuits up to 1000 A for cabinets and panels, up to 160 A for boxes.

Terms of operation:

  • Explosion proof ambient, absence of current-conducting dust;
  • devices are designed for indoor operation;
  • Climatic version and class of disposition has to be in accordance with 4 to GOST 15150-69;
  • Temperature of atmosphere is from -5°C +40°C;
  • Height of installation above sea level is not more than 1000 m.

Construction version

consists of common structure devices, tools and equipment having common fixed scheme and they are not connected between themselves.

As for the construction type is represented by:

  • opened panel or guarded ();
  • cabinet ();
  • box ().

For cabinets and boxes the level of protection have to be JP30 or JP40, for opened panels - JP00 according to GOST 14254-96.

Order of formulation

Making an order of standard it is necessary to indicate:

  • denomination;
  • standard sign that includes the series and standard index, during the order this information has to be detailed by the manufacturer.

Example: Control cabinet 5920-37744.

The order at of the single-part production is realised according to 16.650-90.