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  RANG Limited Liability Company was founded in 1998 by specialists in the sphere of electrotechnics, mining and technology. The company specializes in production and delivery of equipment for mining and metallurgical enterprises of Ukraine, Russia and Kazakhstan.

The main business activity of RANG LLC is satisfaction of the constantly growing needs of coal, mining and metallurgical enterprises for reliable high-production machines. Our company also focuses on ongoing renewal of the range of the offered machines, their adjustment to complex mining and geological conditions, full compliance with customer's requirements and handling of all of the tasks set by the consumers.

Our company is developing in the following main areas:

- export and import operations on supply of equipment manufactured by enterprises from CIS countries;

- supply of mining equipment and automatics, instrumentation and control, processing equipment, low-voltage and high-voltage products, heat-treating equipment, cabling and wiring products, line accessories, oil and gas equipment.

Clear segmentation of the market of industrial equipment allows:

Covering a lot of areas, on the one hand, and identifying priorities for each of the partner companies, on the other hand.

Long working experience at the market of mining equipment and knowledge of the problems of the branch from within made it possible to appropriately and competently assess the development tendencies of the overall market of industrial equipment. Implementation of new advanced technologies and problems regularly arising at large enterprises supplying the branch gave an impulse to organize production and repair of the industrial equipment.

The founders of YMZ Hydraulics LLC are RANG LLC and Yasinovatskiy Machine Building Plant. The mechanical repair shop was established on the basis of the production facilities of the plant. Success of fulfillment of the tasks of equipping is achieved due to the high technical and professional level of preparation and the long working experience of specialists in different branches of the production and technological complex.

The employees of the company have higher mine engineering education, many years' underground work and the working experience and use creative approach to the challenges that may arise in the process of production and organization of capital repairs of the mining equipment.

The company pays special attention to the foreign economic activity. The range of consumers is getting wider through Russia, Kazakhstan, Uzbekistan and Romania.

The Research and Development Centre created by the company deals with the upgrade of the old equipment and with the development of the brand new types of equipment able to function in specific operational conditions. The centre designed the rotary finger heater (patent No. 46898 dated 11.01.2010) that allows to significantly reduce the costs of supply of heat and hot water for utilities and industrial enterprises.

Today RANG LLC is a representative and an official dealer of many large plants producing different equipment. The company has a right for priority of execution of orders. Reliable relations with the plants allowed solving a wide variety of tasks in the provision of consumers with high-quality equipment. We are also able to carry out shipments under the concluded contracts on a tight schedule.

Our indisputable advantages include the beyond reproach fulfillment of after-sales service commitments and the provision of spare parts and components.

We have always been, are and shall be the most reliable partners for our customers.