Hardware-software complex 5 for teh underground lifter


Explosion-proof marking is PB-1B for the internal supply, Exdial for the export, the category of protection from the environment impact is IP54 to GOST 14254.

Conditions of exploitation:

  • ambient temperature from +5 up to +35 C;
  • the upper level of the relative humidity of the air has to be (982)% and the surrounding temperature has to be +35 C;
  • dustiness of the ambient air less than 300 mg/m3;
  • the inclination at any side from the horizontal position has to be max 15;
  • the bounce of the mains at the normal running regime has to be from 85% till 110% of the rating value.

Parametr Value
Rated mains voltage, V 220
Frequency, Hz 50
Speed of hoisting, max, m/s 8,0
Error of the speed control, m/s 0,1
Max length of the haulage, m 2300
Error of the vessel position control, m 0,1
Number of the levels (calls), less than 5
Number of the limit switches, less than 20
Time of the shield response from the overload and speed exceeding, s, less than 0,1
Overall dimensions (without peripheral cells), mm, less than 16009001200
Weight, kg 400