Explosion proof actuators -250/315 and -400 P


The control panel is of blocked type on the basis of the universal reliable control units, fuse, diagnostic and information blocks. Information about status of components of the starter, actuation of protections and value of the load currents is displayed on two monitoring boards made on the highlight LEDs and installed on the front door in the windows of the increased diameter. Circuit of the starter foresees diagnostics of the elements of the control circuits without power supply to the network.

The starters are made in the reversible execution.


Parameter -250/315 -400
Rated voltage, V 1140/660 or 660/380
Power frequency, Hz 50
Rated current of the main circuit, A 250/315 400
Rated power of the controlled electric motor (cos φ*η=0,75), kW
380 V 123/155 197
660 V 214/270 343
1140 V 370/466 592
Wearing capacity (of BO cycles):
Commutation in AC-3 mode 2*106
Mechanical 5*106
Contactor type 1737 (400)
Type and level of implosion protection 3 (ExdIa1)
Overall dimensions, mm:
- height 915
- width 725
- depth 660
Weight, t 0,25