Electric drive for mining machines, -250 5 type


Explosion-proof marking is PB-3B for the internal supply, Exdial for the export, the category of protection from the environment impact is IP54 to GOST 14254.

Conditions of exploitation:

  • ambient temperature from +5 up to +35 C;
  • the upper level of the relative humidity of the air has to be (982)% and the ambient temperature has to be +35 C;
  • dustiness of the ambient air less than 300 mg/m3;
  • the inclination at any side from the horizontal position has to be max 15;
  • the bounce of the mains at the normal running regime has to be from 85% till 110% of the rating value.


Rated mains voltage, V 660
Maximum engine power 250
Frequency, Hz 50
Adjustment range of the frequency, Hz 1:20
Accuracy of maintenance of the operating speed, % 5
Overall dimensions, mm - length - height - width 3420 1630 1200
Weight, kg 2400
Control unit