Conveyor management device 27.50


The device is intended for work in three-phase networks of an alternating current with an isolated neutral of the transformer for management, protection, the control of the condition and technical diagnostics of two three-phase two-high-speed electric motors over the short-circuited rotor, established on scraper conveyors in developments of the collieries dangerous on gas (metane) and a coal dust

The electric scheme of conveyor control device with the apparatus provides:

  • Speed selection of the two-high-speed electric motor (the switch the SPEED SELECTION of the control device) "low-high";
  • conveyor drive block selection (the switch the DRIVE SELECTION of the control device) "Tail - Both-Main";
  • persistence time selection between starting of heading and tail drives;
  • work in set of mode of two-high-speed electric motors of a head and tail gears;
  • two-high-speed electric motors backspacing of a head and tail gears in set of mode;
  • frequency of rotation control of a head driving gear;
  • warping scraper control;
  • thermal control of head and tail gears, electric motor precautionary level of heating;
  • storing of the reasons of the occurred emergency conveyor switching-off (codes of refusal);
  • displaying of the reasons of the occurred emergency conveyor switching-off (codes of refusal) since the last one by inquiry of the operator;
  • check of control circuit running.

Order of formulation

Example of order denomination of control devices at 660V at their ordering and documentation of other device. "Control device 27.50 5, 660 V, 31.2-00217159-027-2001".

Parametr Value
Rated mains voltage, V 660/1140
Rated current of main curcuit, 400
Number of controlled electric motors 2
Max. power of controlled electric motors, kW 250
Voltage of spark-proof control circuits, V 12; 18
Overall dimensions, mm
- Length
- Width
- Height

Weight, kg 1350