Automatic switch of -400 type


Automatic switch with manual control device of -400 type is intended for the work in three-phase networks of an alternating current with an isolated neutral in the coal and slate mines dangerous on gas (metane) and a coal dust, for protection of electric installations of outflows of short circuit, and also for infrequent operative inclusions and switching-off of electric circuits at normal operating modes of a network with the voltage 660 or 380 and with the frequency of 50 Hz where emergency remote switching-off of electroreceivers is not required. Explosion proof version is PB 3B. The level of protection - JP54 according to GOST 14254-96.

Reference designation

-400 5:
- automatic switch;
- explosionproof;
400 - rated current, ;
- manual control;
5 - climatic version and category of location to GOST 15150-69.

Operating conditions:

Altitude above sea level is not more than 1000 m; Ambient air temperature is -10 +35; Relative humidity of ambients is up to (982)% at the temperature +(352); Voltage oscillation in the electric circuit has to be from 0,85 to 1,1 Uom.

Limiting switching capacity of the switch at voltage 660 V is consisted 22 (effective value), at voltage 380 V - 27

Order of formulation

Example of order for the switch for the current 400, at the voltage 660 V during its order and in the documentation of other device: "Automatic switch -400 5, 660 V, 16-88 .641 552.035".

Parametr Value
Rated voltage, V 660 or 380
Rated current, A 400
Limiting switching capacity, kA 22 or 27
Mechanical wear-resistance of the switching on and off cycles 16000
Switching wear resistance of the switching on and off cycles 10000
Rated operating mode Long
Overall dimensions, mm
- height
- width
- depth

Weight, kg, max 220