60227 (1993-02)



Cables are applied in the electric installations with fixed layer in the lighting and power nets and also for assembly of electric equipment, machines, devices and tools.

,  — for non-flexible assembly.



Cable leads
Round aluminum or copper, one-wiry or multi-wiry (class 1,2,3,4 GOST 22483-77).

Solid from polyvinyl chloride plastic compound of various colors (color is given in the contract).

Technical characteristics

Mark of cable Amount of leads Nominal cut, mm²
2, 3 2.5 — 6.0

Electric resistance of cables insulation under the temperature 20ºC, evaluating in 1 km length, non less:
a) by acceptance and delivery — 1 MOhm.
b) for the operating and storage period — 0,01 MOhm.

Electric resistance of current-conducting leads against direct current, evaluating in 1 km length and in temperature 20ºC is correspondent to:
a) by acceptance and delivery — GOST 22483;
b) for the operating and storage period — no more than 120 % of values under the GOST 22483.

Cables stand the test of alternating voltage of frequency 50 Hz during 15 minutes — 2,5 kV after 24 hour-long stay in water.

Long allowable temperature of warming on the lead 70ºC.

Not extend burning with only one layer. Cables are operated under the temperature of environment till -50ºC and relative air humidity of 100% under the temperature 35ºC.

Cables while assembling and operating are fast against the bending or lengthening, and cable 1 — against blow.

The building length of the cable is not less than 100 m.

Cable's assembly is hold under the temperature not less than 15ºC.

Bending radius while assembling is to be not less than five diameters for cable's mark 3, and ten diameters for the other cable marks. Guarantee operation life is 2 years since the date of cables placing in operation.

Manufacturer guarantees the cables' correspondence to the requirements of the present standard with meeting all operating, storage and assembly conditions. Lifetime of cables is not less than 5 years.

Cables are delivered wound on the wheels or in the hanks.

Construction data on standard agents
Amount of leads and nominal cut, mm² Max. outer diameter (size), mm Weight of 1 km cable, kg
2×2.5 3.9×9.0 31.2
2×4.0 4.4×10.0 43.7
2×6.0 4.9×11.0 56.6
3×2.5 3.9×14.1 47.1
3×4.0 4.4×15.6 65.8
3×6.0 4.9×16.2 85.2