The cables are designed for permanent connection to electric devices, equipment and dispatch devices units assembly with nominal voltage of up to 660 V of up to 100 Hz frequency or direct voltage up to 1000 V. The production is used for needs of national economy requiring special fire safety measures for human and material valuables protection: in mines, 2, 3, 4 NP 306.102/1.034-2000 APPs (except of capsulated part of reactor compartment), in subways, supermarkets, building of new objects.



Cable leads

Round copper or aluminum single-wired.





Technical characteristics

Electric insulation resistance evaluated in 1 km length and temperature of 20C, at least 6 MOhm.

Do not conduct burning when laid in bundles. Cables with “LS” index are not flammable, and in case of smoldering produce low smoke and gas emission.

Construction length — at least 150 m:

— 10 kV — cables for 6 kV voltage;

— 3.5 kV — cables for 1.2 kV voltage;

— auxiliary leads — 1.8 kV.

Durability constitutes at least 25 years if they are laid in premises, channels and tunnels, and at least 15 years when laid underground and platforms provided there's no exposure to direct sunshine.

Warranty assurances — 3 years from the date of putting into operation.

Construction data on standard agents

Cable leads round copper or aluminum single-wired.

Nominal lead cut and number of leads corresponds to those given in the table:

Cable markNominal lead cut, mm²
Number of leads
4, 5