60502-1 (1998-11)



The cables are designed for connection to stationary electric devices, equipment and dispatch devices units assembly with alternate voltage of up to 0.66 kV of up to 100 Hz frequency.



Cable leads
Round copper or aluminum single-wired (class 1 according to GOST 22483-77).


type according to GOST 7006-72 Armature from steel strips, PVC jacket.

Technical characteristics

Electric insulation resistance evaluated in 1 km length and temperature of 20 C, at least 6 MOhm.

Durability constitutes at least 15 years when laid underground and platforms provided there's no exposure to direct sunshine, and at least 25 years if they are laid in premises, channels and tunnels.

Construction length — at least 150 m.

Electric resistance of leads to direct current complies with GOST 22483.

Cables resist testing alternate voltage of 2.5 kV 50 Hz.

Reheat temperature permitted for a long period is 70C.

Do not conduct burning when laid separately.

While installation tension force shall produce in the cable leads the tension stress of more than 4 kgs/mm² for copper, and more than 2 kgs/mm² for aluminum.

Bending radius of copper leads non-armored cables at laying at ambient temperature at least 0C shall be at least:
— three cable diameters — for cables with outer diameter of up to 10 mm inclusive;
— four cable diameters — for cables with outer diameter ranging from 10 up to 25 mm inclusive.

Warranty assurance constitutes 3 years from the date of putting the cables into operation.

Manufacturer certifies quality compliance to the present standard requirements provided the terms of operation, storage and installation are observed.

Number of leads and nominal cut corresponds to the values shown in the table:

Cable mark Nominal lead cut, mm²
1.0 1.5 2.5 4.0 6.0 10
Number of leads
4, 5

Construction data on standard agents
Number of leads and nominal cut, mm² Nominal outer diameter, mm Weight of 1 km cable, kg
4×4.0 12.0 178
4×6.0 13.1 218
4×10 15.9 327
5×4.0 13.0 207
5×6.0 14.3 254
5×10 17.5 384